When Clients Are Partners

Johnson & Johnson released a new app this March: 7 Minute Wellness for Expecting and New Moms™. Of course, this is big news for us because — like the J&J Official 7 Minute Workout® app that preceded it — we built this one, too!

Our relationship with J&J has been incredible so far, and it exemplifies the harmonious partnership we aim for with all our clients. It's a relationship whose rewards lie in more than just the app itself; the magic is in the collaborative and creative processes that make the product the best it can be.

The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

The first app came about as an opportunity to improve upon a rapidly growing trend—7-minute workouts—focused on maximizing the effectiveness of exercise while minimizing the time spent doing it. We already had the luxury of market validation with the idea of 7-minute workouts: There were a host of other unofficial apps being created, and the trend that Chris Jordan (Director of Exercise Physiology at the J&J Human Performance Institute) had started was taking off outside the proverbial walls of the app store as well. So, we were able to jump right into designing and building The Official Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout app.

While it began as a single app, our relationship with Johnson & Johnson evolved into something much more. It was a combination of strategic consulting and product platform design. The client became a true member of the team, and key decisions were made together, not dictated from one party to another.

Two Apps, One Strategic Goal

The Johnson and Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout® and 7 Minute Wellness for Expecting and New Moms™ apps are united by a common promise: You don't have to alter your lifestyle to improve your life. As with any successful app, the goal isn't to disrupt a user's lifestyle or to force change—it's to make something that's so useful and fun that the user actually wants to use it every day.

To that end, our team dedicated time to design exploration exercises that helped us test a range of stylistic approaches for the apps' aesthetics and branding. Once we had settled on the right aesthetic, we built some key app flows and prototypes. At each iteration we brought our prototypes into the real world for testing. For 7 Minute Wellness for Expecting and New Moms, we brought it into moms' homes to gain insight around how, when, and where the app would be used in their day-to-day lives.

The Partnership

Before we got rolling on either of the builds, we started by aligning ourselves with the latest progress and future goals of J&J's product and content development teams. We made sure the Tonic and J&J teams were on the same page regarding the goals, needs, and wants of the apps. This united vision came in handy later, when we were given the chance to do all the creative content — including the video, photo, and audio cues — in the Moms app.

Throughout both builds, we worked intimately with our client contacts. Our account and project managers had open communication (Skype, email, and phone) with the J&J team on a daily basis, and managed to meet face-to-face once a month for good measure.

The Journey Continues

When we have great relationships with our clients, like the one we have with Johnson & Johnson, we create our best work; working together as partners, as a fully integrated team, enables us to design products that help users live better, happier lives. We're proud of the work we've done for J&J so far, and we look forward to more collaborative partnerships with them in the near future.

Download the 7 Minute Workout app for iOS here and for Android here.

Check out the 7 Minute Wellness for Expecting and New Moms app for iOS here and for Android here.