We Are Fearless

Okay, we’re in an industry that’s inherently filled with a lot of marketing buzz-speak. It’s easy for a company to find something catchy and use it until it loses meaning. Being "fearless" can seem like an empty statement. It’s fun, and it’s brazen, but what does it really mean?

At Tonic, when we speak about fearlessness, we’re not talking about jumping off of buildings and living life on the edge (as fun as that may sound). We’re talking about a culture that encourages everyone from the most junior members of teams to the CEO to take initiative. To not be afraid of the unknown. To think about a better future for ourselves and for our clients, and chart a path to get there.

This is how we approach all aspects of business. We hold weekly “jawns” where members of our community are invited to share learnings on any topic—from coding to communication—with the rest of the office. During one of our jawns, a founder said about Tonic, that this place doesn’t just happen to us. Every single person here has a voice and a brain, and we should feel empowered to share our thoughts and ideas and make suggestions if we see room for improvement. Every person shapes Tonic Design Co. No one is told to conform, but rather to contribute.

We work as strategic partners with our clients to create product experiences. Often, clients come to us with an idea of how to solve a perceived problem. It would be so easy to execute upon their suggestions mindlessly, and churn out a product that, at minimum, satisfies the initial request. But being fearless isn’t about taking the easy path. We speak openly with our clients. We work with them to determine what the real pain point is and to determine the need that the end users are missing. Together we create an experience that strengthens a brand and fosters consumer loyalty.

So when we talk about being fearless, we’re talking about more than superficial risk taking. Fearlessness means taking initiative. It means working as open partners with our clients. It means transparency and communication, and listening to members of our community. It means trusting our employees and valuing their contributions. It’s what has enabled us to grow so quickly, and what will continue to shape us as and the decisions we make as we continue to carve out our niche.