PGA TOUR + Tonic

At Tonic Design, we believe that the best way to learn is by doing. We always encourage our employees to try new things and expand their horizons, whether that’s through our weekly Jawns, personal passion projects, or just talking about new ideas. We love working with like-minded companies. Recently we had a chance to partner with an organization that not only truly understands the importance of education, but also embraces new ideas.

PGA TOUR wanted their employees to think of new ways to elevate the fan experience, primarily through digital channels. They were confident that an innovation workshop would be the best way to create fresh ideas, so we worked together to give their event the Tonic touch. After we drafted a highly detailed event agenda and created our “playbook,” we were on our way to Ponte Vedra Beach.

Overall, Tonic and PGA TOUR wanted to help employees work and think differently by giving them the tools and frameworks they’d need to lead initiatives from the fan perspective. Our combined goal was to have them walk away with an understanding of the forces that shaped the average fan’s needs and expectations. We stressed our philosophy that consumers are the true roadmap to ideas, and that with the right tools you can easily turn a small idea into a big concept.

This isn’t the first innovation workshop we’ve run, but PGA TOUR’s was different from the others. We had to condense our usual workshop format from three days into one, and had to make sure the format was accessible for nearly fifty people. It was a challenge, but it was one we were more than willing to take on.

Overall, the workshop was a rousing success. PGA TOUR employees were able to generate a variety of ideas that can uniquely and positively impact the fan experience. Tonic’s and PGA TOUR’s combined experience with UX/UI design lets us know just how valuable an improved user experience can be for a company. A creative app that generates value and solves problems for the user can lead to increased engagement, which in turn can lead to better market growth and increased revenue.

Aside from generating ideas, the workshop had a variety of other benefits. Participants were able to have a great day and do productive work at the same time. Many also had the rare opportunity to work with employees in different departments, and that camaraderie and cooperation can lead to the breaking down of barriers between departments. Employees got to work outside of their traditional roles and flex their creative muscles. Some proved themselves to be untapped creative resource for PGA TOUR.

When all was said and done, both Tonic and PGA TOUR were astounded with the results. It wasn’t just the depth and quality of the ideas showcased, but also the energy and excitement generated from bringing together fifty people from across the entire PGA TOUR organization.

It’s safe to say that our workshop model could have a significant impact on the way PGA TOUR runs future events.