The Makings Of A Certified Google Developer Agency

Google understands that innovation and user-centric approaches are the keys to successful design and development. Tonic Design Co. has a long history of working with Google products that go beyond Android development. From developing Actions for Google Home to exploring machine learning concepts with TensorFlow, we’ve done it all (including using GSuite for internal collaboration and communication).

Our ever-evolving relationship with Google just grew to another level: Tonic now has the honor of being an official Certified Google Developer Agency. This designation says a lot about the quality of work Tonic produces, and it also ensures that we’ll continue to do outstanding work.

This means quite a few things going forward. We’ll have access to the knowledge and expertise of Google’s team of engineers throughout the development process. This collaboration will help us create even more innovative products, programs, and solutions for our clients. It also never hurts to have a second (or third) set of eyes on your work.

We’ll also have access to exclusive developer and designer events. We always love a good party, but we’re really excited for the chance to meet other professionals in the field and hone our craft.

We recently had the opportunity to attend one of these Google’s events, and we had a blast.

We gained a lot of insight into new tools that Google has in the works for designers, one of which is Google’s latest tool could change the way designers work by making implementation simpler. They’ve established a shared language to help teams unite style, branding, interaction, and motion under a uniform set of guidelines and principles.

We also went through a sprint with Google. The beauty of the sprint process is that at its core, it’s a problem-solving tool that can compress a months-long discovery period into a few days. A sprint can help with ideation, strategy, design, and other facets of the development process. Essentially, a well-planned sprint can solve any “big questions” your team has.

We had the chance to experience a design sprint that utilized Google’s innovation and user-first philosophies. We were focused on the sprint process, but the exercises stressed the importance of making the end user the focus of everything we develop and design.

Google utilizes the same user-centric approach to sprints as Tonic. The day may have focused on the design sprint, but at its core the point of the exercises was to find a way to truly empathize with the user to discover their unique needs.

When we approach product innovation, we take a stance on empathy with the end user. We reject the typical use of demographics and think more along the lines of psychographics which allows us to focus on our users’ needs, pain points, and end goals. Discovering more about the end user can result in improving service offerings, product development, and can help you truly find creative ways to solve problems. Our own use of internal innovation workshops internal innovation workshops has helped our employees think of ways to tackle complex issues and gave them the opportunity to step outside of their traditional roles.

Being part of a program that only accepts the best of the best is exciting, but being able to work closely with a company that values innovation like we do is even better. A partnership with a company that’s in sync with Tonic’s values can only lead to better outcomes for our clients and help our employees perfect their craft. We continue to explore emerging technologies and find new ways to help our clients solve new and different -- often life-changing -- problems, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.