Learn. Teach. Deliver.

Tonic Design merged with DmgCTRL in 2014. It was a big move for us. We’d worked together to execute on a number of client projects over the years, (eerily?) were founded on the same day in the same year, and possessed similar—but distinct—cultures. Fast-forward two years and here we are, Tonic Design Co. One company. A new company.

While we never thought merging would be easy, we knew it was worth it, and the end result has been far more complex and rich than we’d ever anticipated. So now that we’re a little bit more settled into our identity, we had to ask ourselves a few questions: Who are we, and what matters to us?

At the core of our identity is teaching. A passion to learn drives us all. From webinars to conferences to late-night tinkering, it’s a part of who we are and what we do. We’re expanding our apprenticeship program from the dev department so that curious minds can come to Tonic and find a safe place to learn and challenge themselves while being slowly ramped up and integrated into client projects.

So given all this, we were beyond thrilled to work with one of Philly’s brightest young minds, Victor Lourng, on CodeDay Philly. The timing was perfect. We were in the midst of embracing and strengthening our core values, so we jumped at the opportunity to host and mentor dozens of hungry, passionate minds, committed enough to spend a full 24 hours inside our office, building things. No paycheck, no client-driven timeline, no school credit—just their natural curiosity yearning to be satisfied.

There are many hackathons and other events directed at subgroups in the Philadelphia developer community but this one seemed so unique, focusing on high school and early college students but also being very beginner friendly. It seemed to align so well with Tonic’s core values of education and inclusiveness. 
-Chris Cook

It was inspiring to walk through the office and see such creative, intelligent young people collaborating to bring their ideas to life. 
-Jen Torre

I thought it would be a good opportunity to see firsthand what the next generation of technology lovers has in store for us. The future of technology is in good hands!
-Brittanie Boyko